100 Letters to My Son – Week 2

Hey guys!

Here are letters 5-11 of my writing and photography project #100LettersToMySonByMarina. I hope you enjoy!

Photography Project | Writing Project - Letters to my son by Marina


Day 5

Dear Amine,
What an exciting weekend we’ve had so far!
We checked out the Children’s Museum today.
You wore a checkered button-up with a bowtie, turquoise pants and a straw hat.
The women in the elevator said you were the BEST dressed kid in the whole place.
You had so much fun at your friend’s birthday party. You ran a lot, pretended to be a
mechanic, went fishing, did some gravity experiments with a ball, and got a super cool gift bag.
Maybe we’ll buy a membership.
Love you,

Day 6

Today we had a family lunch at your Uncle Jorge and Aunt Melissa’s place.
(You think Uncle Jorge is Maui from the Disney movie “Moana”, by the way.)
I helped wedding plan while you jumped on their trampoline and rode their pillow pets.
You are getting so much better at talking.
Your dad and I were making a grocery list when we noticed you repeatedly telling me something.
“Add raisins!”
“Add raisins!”
“Add raisins!”
We bought you raisins.
Your only two but your personality is so much older and bigger.
You’re hilarious.


Photography Project | Writing Project


Photography Project | Writing Project - Letters to my son by Marina

Your cold is keeping you up at night.
Yesterday you kicked me in the face while you slept.
I woke up at 3:00 A.m. and stayed up working, so I guess it worked out.
You saw me rubbing my eyes in the morning and asked if I was tired.
When I said “yes” and told you why, you laughed and said, “Mama funny.”
Glad I amuse you.

Love Mom




You’ve got an amazing ability to be full from a bite or two of your meals,
but you can literally eat a whole pineapple or batch of grapes in the time it takes me to turn around.



You are difficult.
I want this on record now, so when you call me complaining about your future kids,
you’ll already know my response.
-Love Mom



You’ve got a bad cold. You keep asking for hugs and you want me to “bous” (kiss) your nose.
I hate when you’re sick.
On the upside, you’re still bossy.
-Love Mom



Have I told you how particular you are about the color of your socks?
“I want red socks.”
“What about these grey ones?”
(I only found one red sock.)
“No! Red ones!”
“OK. What about one red and one grey?”
“OK mom.”
And I breathe a sigh of relief.

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    April 21, 2018

    I love this because Amine will have a really awesome document of his little personality when he is older. I think these will be so precious to him.

    • Reply


      April 23, 2018

      Yea I think so too. I love writing them to his future self <3 🙂