Me in Istanbul.
Me in Istanbul.

What do I do?

I create articles and posts for businesses who are looking for engaging content. I also take photographs for people who are yearning to capture exciting moments.

I am lucky to provide them with material that speaks to their audiences and photos that bring their memories to life.

As a freelancer, I've written three award-winning applications for entrepreneurs entering their businesses into the Better Business Bureau Ethics Torch Awards. I've been writing and creating different forms of social media content, promotional material, and internal documents since 2007.
You can spot me guest blogging on different sites the most recent being on WisconsinMuslimJournal.com and katedanielle.com.

Why did I start this website?

(SIMPLIFIED. Because the first time I wrote this, I wrote 5 pages.)

Girl graduates college and is ready for the world.

Girl gets into the world and realizes most jobs do not meet all of her needs, i.e. passion, financial, work-life balance, happiness, a boss who doesn't drive her crazy daily.

Girl becomes a Mom and things get more complicated.

Mom gets mad, spends months searching for something, decides to blend her talents, passions, and needs in one place.

Mom starts a blog

More About Me:

When I'm not busy working in my office, you can catch me:

  • Cooking! I love creating healthy homemade dishes from different cultures.
  • Hiking.
  •  Playing with my camera.

If you're dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

  1. I traveled from the US to Turkey and then to Algeria (North Africa) and back, alone, with my two-year-old son. Read more about that here.
  2. Chocolate and I are BESTIES... and I wish we weren't. I'm not just saying that because it's the trendy mom-blogger thing to say to relate to my readers. I lost some weight once because all I ate for a week was Dove chocolate pieces and strawberries. Sadly, it hasn't worked since then.
  3. I secretly wish I was Italian or Turkish. I want to say things like "Bambino" naturally or not break a sweat in 100+ degree weather.
  4. My newest obsession is laser tag. I usually suit up with a black headscarf and feel like a sneaky, strategic ninja.
  5. I'm half Mexican. I grew up hearing Spanish and minored in it in college, but for some reason, my French, which I learned on the street, is much, much better.
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