Instagram Scroll Stoppers: A Colorful VSCO Photo Recipe

My go-to app for editing Instagram photos and using photo recipes is the VSCO app.

OvertHappiness VSCO Filter: Travel Colorful



VSCO has an excellent app for tweaking all the little details and creating amazing images. When I first started out on Instagram, photo recipes for VSCO were my best friends! I tried and saved many different ones until I stumbled upon this mix. This colorful filter recipe brings iPhone photography to life and is excellent for exotic travel photos. I used it for my travels to Algeria and Turkey, and it gave me good deal of organic engagement as a newbie on Instagram.

Hope you enjoy this recipe.

P.S. If you do not know how to create and apply a photo recipe, see this simple step-by-step guide from VSCO with screenshots.


∇∇ Oh, HELLO you beautiful pinnable image you. ∇∇

OvertHappiness VSCO Filter: Travel Colorful


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